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Writing Letters to Your Elected Officials

Remember that RICL has spent the last two years in private meetings with our representatives selling the project on "clean energy" and jobs without disclosing the huge negatives of the project. It's up to the constituents - YOU - to educate your elected officials regarding the huge cost we would pay if this project were allowed to go through.

We are asking our elected official to oppose RICL and to urge the ICC to evaluate ALL of the competing, proposed transmission projects in Illinois. Personal, handwritten letters ARE read. They don't have to be long or complicated. Let your concerns be heard!  Address the official as Dear Senator or Dear Congresswoman or Congressman. 

Click here for a form letter.  A note from you at the bottom is a great way to personalize your message.

A template for address labels has been compiled to make it easier to mail LOTS of letters. Every single letter counts.

We have learned that you can send letters to ALL representatives - whether or not they are in your district. You can bet that RICL has schmoozed them all. It's time for our elected officials to hear our side! The numbers are what generates results. There were already shake-ups in this year's election based on support of RICL. By next election, if this project is still around, it is bound to be a hot election issue. It's up to you to educate your representatives. Over and over and over.........

To CALL any Illinois State Senator or Representative, you can call the ILLINOIS CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD: (217) 782-2000.


Check here to find your representatives!