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What To Do

We will be initiating coordinated efforts to Block RICL across each state. Many initiatives will be circulated through the "bush telegraph" as we know that RICL is monitoring our efforts. Several key "blitzes" are coming and can truly change the direction of this project! Be ready! Stock up on envelopes, stamps and paper.

Read through the testimony submitted by RICL on the ICC docket, then contact us with YOUR information to rebut the claims made by RICL.

We are gathering critical information across the state to be used as testimony at the ICC in fighting their application for public utility status. We need your input.

Join our email list and get connected to local networks in your area. One voice at a time won't make a big difference, but all of our voices together will!! 

In the meantime, writing to the elected officials across the state and joining in the fight at the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) are critical actions that everyone can do.

The following are flyers, letters and checklists to help you organize your actions.  


Ideas from the field:

  • Take blank ICC and representative letters to the coffee shop in the morning. Have everyone sign the letters and send the letters in together.
  • Give unsigned letters and addressed envelopes to your heirs, family, neighbors, fifth cousins, etc., and ask them to sign and send in.
  • Get a petition from your local leader and take to craft shows, basketball games, card night, etc., and get signatures.


Other ideas?  Contact us and tell us your creative ways for spreading the word and generating letters!