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Welcome to the new page designed to share the best of Facebook and tweets for everyone without accounts. You're missing a lot of the latest gems found by our research teams and our sharing across "Clean" Line projects and state lines. Wow. What a great group of people. Learning to Facebook is worth joining the conversation!!  

Rep. Adam Kinzinger's letter to the Surface Transportation Board regarding the Great Lakes Basin Railroad. Now, when is he really going to start working on protecting his constituents private property rights against threats of Federal Eminent Domain? Yes, Adam. "Clean" Line is a FEDERAL issue, too. Click here. 

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Reminder: The Route IS NOT FINALIZED

A reminder: the route IS NOT FINALIZED and wording from RICL makes sure they have plenty of wiggle room (as typical in anything they write or say.....).    If you're across a fence row or in sections on either side of the proposed route - WATCH OUT!   RICL wants the path of least resistance and it's critical that you add your voices to the opposition!

Our Note to County Boards

The Rock Island County Fiasco during Spring Planting

On RICL's Payroll: Bob Vickrey, Ex-LaSalle County Board Member and now and ex-employee of RICL

We need to stand up now and say NO!

The "Wow. Real Credibility." Series: April, 2013 "Sound Off"

1. Wow. Real credibility in how "Clean" Line is gathering their letter of support for the ICC. 

"Please try to come by at the time you signed up for Monday if you can! We are selling cookies, puppy chow, cupcakes and cookie bars and collecting letters of support for Cleanline."

2. Wow. This must be a certain college's event. You know- the one that the same group of "Clean" Line people endowed their renewable energy center so that Skelly and Detweiler could sit on their board for 3 years and have a say in the "direction of research", and then later hires the professor's private consulting firm to do the "study" submitted to the ICC on behalf of "Clean" Line. You know- the one purporting all those economic benefits. So now this department's students are putting the fluff comments on the ICC website and selling puppy chow at the same time they're gathering letters of support for "Clean" Line to go to the ICC. 

Block RICL: Rock Island "Clean" Line Facebook March 17, 2013
"Environmental Injustice"  on a grand scale.  Here's how: 

The east coast who will benefit from this "clean" power are expecting farmers to put up with these long-haul transmission lines. The lines will take land out of production, cut yields, and increase the cost of production. Essentially, it is picking winners and losers in the farming business. If our production costs increase because of "clean" line, we can't compete with the farm across the street without a "clean" line mucking up its production. Nor can land value hold with an aerial sewer running through the property.

And then look what's happened on the east coast --specifically of the Kennedys and Cape Wind. The rich and powerful don't want wind turbines blocking their pristine sea views, but they have no problem with "clean" lines screwing the struggling farmer. But, because the farmers aren't Kennedys, the infrastructure to serve the Kennedys ends up in our backyard- splitting our property and devaluing our and the neighbor's land. However, if the Kennedys do their part to provide for their own clean energy goals by building offshore wind, the farmers wouldn't have to make the sacrifice.

Better yet, let's compare this to the rich homeowners on Lake Michigan. The wind resources on Lake Michigan are FAR better than anything "Clean" Line wants to tap into, yet Clean Line reps joked about the political power of those waterfront landowners versus 'a bunch of farmers.' Oops.

We have serious concerns about the environmental justice in Illinois landowners being forced to sacrifice hard-earned land for the wind industry, a few billionaire private investors, and the East Coast consumers. 

Approval of any of the "Clean" Line project without considering the environmental justice issues above sets the wrong precedent and is unlawful under NEPA.

... And we're not going to let you forget it.

Block RICL: Rock Island "Clean" Line Facebook March 17, 2013

What does CUB, IPA, and Environmental Law and Policy Center really have to say about RICL if they had this to say about the Green Power Express- planned to follow almost an identical route in IL as RICL? 

"It looks like you'll have to build new power plants all along the corridor," CUB's Mr. Kolata says. "This project has more momentum at this point than it probably deserves."

Says CUB's Mr. Kolata: "Our big fear here is that the cost will be dumped on Illinois consumers."

"Is the Green Power Express really designed to provide transmission for wind power or for highly polluting old coal plants?" says Howard Learner, executive director of the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center.

"We have to take a rather hard view as to why this is good for Illinois consumers," says Mr. Pruitt, who heads the Illinois Power Agency. "Within Illinois, we have a sufficient number of wind farms to meet all of our needs, plus."

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