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Published Articles

Update January, 2016. Happy New Year!

Almost daily, there is new press on "Clean" Line projects and new articles are too frequent to post here on the website. We encourage you to go through the past posts (scroll through the photos) on the Block RICL Facebook page. Click here, then scroll through the photos using the arrow that appears when you put the mouse over the picture. 

Here's just some recent highlights, with special thanks to our volunteers working tirelessly on the media outreach!! 

Click on the blue link to read the stories. 

January, 2016

An Explanation of RICL's THIRD Bifurcation Attempt- Midwestern Energy News

Letter to the Editor- St. Louis Dispatch

Letter to the Editor- Say No to Clean Line Easements- State Journal Register

Letter to the Editor from President of Block GBE, Missouri- Block RICL Post

December, 2015

Regulators Deny Appeal of Central Illinois Transmission Line- Chicago Tribune

        But note the missing Appeal had ALREADY been filed- Block GBE Post

*Open Letter to RICL from Iowa Lawmakers- Des Moines Register

Stop the Train Wreck before it Wrecks your Property- The Field Position

Letter: Consider Negative Realities of RICL- Dispatch-Argus








  • 11/8/12 - Voters Approve Property Rights Amendment by Wide Margin - Virginia Farm Bureau
  • 11/15/12 - Farm Group, Texas Financier Part of RICL Cast - AgriNews
  • 11/15/12 - Rock Island Clean Line Draws a Crowd, Concerns - AgriNews



  •  12/9/12 - Midwest Transmission Opposition Group Locks More Unneeded Transmission - StopPATH WV
  • 12/21/12 - Rock Island Clean Line Serves Only Itself - National Wind Watch



  • 1/3/13 - Rock Island Clean Line Still Has Lots of Explaining to Do - Morris Daily Herald
  • 1/17/13 - Group Spreading Word About Controversial Project - AgriNews
  • 1/18/13 - The Business of Clean Line Is Getting Dirty (by Phil Nelson, President of Illinois Farm Bureau) - Illinois Farm Bureau



  • 2/12/13 - Grain Belt Express, Plains & Eastern Clean Line, Rock Island Clean Line: Free Ham and Empty Promises - StopPathWV


More links coming soon! Please contact us when there's an article or letter to the editor in your area paper.


Thank you to the reporters who have taken the time to look past the kool-aid sales pitch! Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!