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Other Proposed Lines

NEW: Map of Proposed Project in IL

Click here for just released Map of Proposed Transmission Line Projects In IL

For more individual maps, click on the blue links below. There is a comprehensive map of almost all proposed projects as well as individual project maps.

The Duke/ATC, Ameren,  and Miso/MVP projects would be added to our utility bills under transmission costs. Check and see how much you are already paying for transmission on your utility bills. Call your electric company and tell them NO MORE TRANSMISSION!!! We don't need it and we won't be stuck lining more pockets. 

RICL is only one of many transmission line projects proposed in Illinois.  There is a growing national movement against the overbuild of costly transmission at the expense of the taxpayer and consumers. 

The Iowa Utilities Board is currently evaluating the necessity of so many projects in context of all the proposed projects in Iowa.  Wisconsin is initiating a legislative review of the state's energy planning. 

Illinois elected officials are being encouraged to ask the Illinois Commerce Commission to call for a "Notice of Inquiry."  With all of the competing INDEPENDENT projects purporting the same benefits- what are the chances WE would be left paying for abandoned costs and obsolete white elephants in our nonrenewable farmland??


  • Duke/ATC "Project 6" Click on the "Project Benefits" to see the maps. Like RICL, don't believe the "forward looking" statements about what "could" be. 

  • ALERT: More information on the Duke/ATC line proposed to come from Wisconsin to Lee County and continuing south into central Illinois-  possibly between I-39 and the Dixon-Princeton-Peoria areas. 

WE would pay for it if abandoned?


"In Order No. 679, the Commission established that an applicant can request that 100 percent of prudently-incurred costs associated with abandoned transmission projects can be included in transmission rates if such abandonment is outside the control of management." p. 42

  • MISO/MVP Go to the second page - transmission by voltage. We already are, or will be, paying for these transmission lines through our electric bills!!


  • Existing Easements Look for the slide titled "Need for New Transmission: Existing Today and New by 2030"



  • More on Other Nationwide Projects Transmission is a cash cow for the power companies and merchant transmission companies. It is in THEIR best interest - not ours - to claim that we "need" new transmission lines.


  • Grain Belt Express  RICL's parent company, "Clean" Line Energy, is also proposing to run a line through Illinois between St. Louis and Terre Haute. So far, the Kansas study corridors have been announced, but BlockGBE is already gearing up. "Clean" Line reps are already schmoozing your county boards. Call your county board members and urge them not to act rashly without talking to the county reps in Northern Illinois who saw past the slick sales pitch and have not signed any agreements with "Clean" Line. See Grain Belt Express, Plains & Eastern Clean Line, Rock Island Clean Line: Free Ham and Empty Promises.

UPDATE: Kansas grassroots opposition is growing tremendously! Contact us for a group near you. This is NOT a done deal. This is NOT in the bag as "Clean" Line would like you to believe.