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Land Agent Beware!

If you are on a proposed route, you may be contacted soon by land agents representing RICL. They will be asking for permission to survey and will try to sell you on their contracts.  This is their job! 

They get paid when YOU sign papers that are in the RICL’s best interest. NOT YOURS.

Remember!!   RICL was NOT given the power of eminent domain by the Illinois Commerce Commission, nor or they on the route to receiving eminent domain.  

Actual quotes from RICL's representatives:

  • “Everyone’s happy about this.” Really? 3,000 Block RICL signs don’t pop up across the state in 3 months if “everyone’s happy."
  • “It does not devalue the land.”  On what planet would that be?  See Land Devaluation, Mr. Cary Kottler. 


Other favorite land agent quotes:

  • “This is a done deal, you might as well sign now.” This is, BY FAR, NOT a done deal. Our Block RICL network will verify their favorite line that “others have already signed.”
  • Your neighbor, Mr. So and So, has 'working with us." Really? Go ask!!!!! 

Do you have more priceless quotes to add?  Contact us to add your gem to the list. 


It is the land agent’s job to get you to sign the weakest and cheapest contract. The Land Agent Code of Conduct supposedly governs the conduct of the land agents. RICL reps have already disregarded their own rules.


DOCUMENT any conversations you have with RICL land agents or representatives. Tape recording is even better and was used to fight land agent lies in court in another transmission line battle.


VIOLATIONS of the Land Agent Code Of Conduct need to be reported to the Illinois Attorney General including their claiming in open houses that they would use “monopoles," or monopoles or lattice structures would be the “choice” of the landowner, or “they hadn’t yet applied to the ICC.” 

Contact us for how.



  • Get an attorney to protect YOUR interests….. in perpetuity.
  • If it’s not IN WRITING and in the contract, it is NOT legally binding!
  • The Agricultural Mitigation Impact Agreement (AIMA) is NOT legally binding unless it is specifically written into your easement contracts. Remember, it is only a BASE LINE "agreement" and probably does NOT cover all the protections your land requires!!  


There are KEY landowner protections that are not included in RICL’s contract, including:

  • Farmers/landowners are liable for damage to the structures and subsequent damages.
  • The Agricultural Impact Mitigation Agreement has to be attached to the signed contract to be legally binding! There is NO ONE enforcing this agreement. 
  • Farm Bureau had a much more complete list to use as a starting point for your own specific situation. Above all else, get legal advice!!  Don’t know where or how? Contact us.

If you see strange trucks and people around your property:

1. Politely ask their names, company and what they are doing. Ask for a business card or get the information in writing.

2. Respectfully tell them that they are not allowed on your property. Period.

3. Call authorities if they do not cooperate. 

4. Notify Block RICL so that we can coordinate and fight problems together.  Contact us.

4. File a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General if they do not comply. Contact us.