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Congratulations, Iowa on the new alliance and your new website!! 
For the Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance Website, Click Here. 

We're getting calls and emails from blindsided and angry landowners. Thank you for contacting us- we wish it could be under different circumstances. 


More meetings in the works. Contact us or email to be notified.

GET INVOLVED NOW!  Whatever your talent- leadership, delivering materials, making phones calls, doing internet, organizing a meeting, etc.  DO IT NOW!  It is not too late, but we need major, vocal opposition and joining together for strength and support-  NOW!!

Did you receive a certified letter from Rock Island Clean Line? What to Do (Click Here)

Sample Form for Filing Objections. Click Here

Contact Us:  Please contact us to be connected with other opposition emerging across the state.  Meetings will be announced only in the local networks.  In the meantime, you are welcome to use any of the materials we've developed. This is by no means a done deal!!

For valuable information on the problems with RICL's proposed project, see the testimony recently submitted to the Illinois Commerce Commission and visit the Block RICL: Rock Island "Clean" Line Facebook page! There are POWERFUL statements about the lack of merit in RICL's proposal that you can use in your efforts!

From Iowa Farm Bureau:

"We do have a dedicated web page with information about all of the transmission line projects, not just Clean Line.  The information is provided by county.  The page also explains the Iowa process etc.  The Clean Line meeting notices were posted yesterday on our web site for all counties where they have filed.  Members can access the page through the "your voice" tab under "county action" and click on the transmission line picture.

Members with questions should contact their regional managers. County Farm Bureaus Office assistants may or may not be up to speed.  If they don't know who their regional manager is, they can call the county Farm Bureau office to get a message to their regional manager. They are good about returning calls."

The Farm Bureau has been a valuable resource and ally in Illinois, for which we are greatly appreciative.  Individual landowners across the state formed the Illinois Landowners Alliance for the legal fight at the Illinois Commerce Commission to fight RICL's application for public utility status.  These two groups together have made a formidable opposition. We encourage Iowa landowners to do the same!

MORE lines:  THESE projects are cost-allocated. You will pay for these through your electric bill under "transmission." So, every ad, open house, meeting, etc. YOU are paying for.

THESE projects are part of a regional plan. RICL is not. HOW many of these lines are truely "needed" ?????

For MidAmerica MVP projects impacting many of the same counties as RICL is proposing:  Click here.

For ANY "meeting" with RICL reps" 

Whatever answer a RICL rep gives verbally, take notes and that person's name. Have the person giving the answer sign your notes for proof of what they said. And if they refuse to answer or sign, what does that tell you??

Better yet, record the kool-aid answers for use in court and for inclusion in the documentary being filmed of RICL's project.