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Things are happening fast and we deeply appreciate the reporters contacting us for information! Please go to the Block Grain Belt Express- Missouri Facebook page for the best summaries of daily events and contact information. Thank you! Click here.

More information is on the homepage    and on the Block RICL and Block GBE Missouri Facebook pages! 

Block Grain Belt Express "Clean" Line
 Block GBE Information Sheet:  Click here

Here's statements of position that have been filed UNDER OATH, not from "Clean" Line's 
high-priced PR machines. 
This is the most important homework you can do!!

Missouri PSC Statement: Click here
Missouri Farm Bureau Statement: Click here
Missouri Landowners Opposition Brief: Click here
Show Me Landowners Opposition Brief: Click here

Block GBE Illinois: (NEW!) Click here.

Block GBE Missouri:
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                  The Missouri Landowners Alliance
Kansas: Russell County News 
2 page spread exposing "CLean" Line tactics
P. 1 Click Here.   P. 2 Click Here.

Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) Testimony Highlights for sister project RICL, but
Every "Clean" Line project needs to read these HERE!

For more information gathered UNDER OATH  (and not from "Clean" Line's propaganda machine), go to the testimony tabs above. 

Illinois-  Watch out!!!! "Clean" Line has been courting YOUR county boards LONG before you ever heard about the project.

Marshall County, Kansas Petition to Intervene. BRAVO to this county for not buying the kool-aid!! 

Watch for testimony highlights coming out to the Missouri PSC about "Clean" Line and Grain Belt Express. 

For a construction video based on "Clean" Line's RICL application to the Illinois Commerce Commission and common transmission construction practices, scroll down on the home page. 

Press: Please do your homework and don't swallow the kool-aid press releases. Don't let them give smoke and mirror, generalized answers.

Go to the Facebook page for  Block RICL: Block Rock Island "Clean' Line page for major concerns raised about "Clean" Line Energy Partners, LLC- the parent company of Rock Island "Clean" Line and Grain Belt Express. Watch for more posts as time allows or contact us for specific details. 

For  "open" houses", see questions below. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Who you talk to, what they say. Document that you asked for it in writing and have the rep sign your your notes to verify the request. (But good luck  ever getting it in writing......... that alone should tell you something about this company.)

Why the quotes around "open houses"? Because they are carefully orchestrated PR-firm events aimed at gathering YOUR personal information to make their job of finding the quickest, easiest, path of least resistance and gathering YOUR personal information to make it easier to send the land agents out later.

Ask questions such as:

What costs are considered in your "economic benefits"? None- see Illinois Commerce Commission Testimony of ComED/ Lapson

How much in tax payer dollars would be in the $7 BIllion "economic benefit"  figure? The majority.... Why would the 7K a year in Illinois only be paide for 20 years, but in Iowa it's called a "REPLACEMENT TAX" and required for the life of the lines?

Would this be a wholly MERCHANT transmission lines or are you planning on asking for RATEPAYERS to pay for this through cost-allocation?? Can you guarantee that?  We highly suspect they are angling to make this a cost-allocated project and/or ask for federal funds. Time will tell and testimony from president and investor Mike Skelly says they're leaving that door open.

For MO- How do you figure Missouri would get any power from these lines if it's DC and the convertor stations are on each end of the line with no on or off ramps in Missouri? Are there going to be convertor stations in Missouri? Are you going to guarantee that, or is just a ploy to get through MO.  If not, then a private company wants to use Missouri wholly as a "pass through" state. HUGE environmental justice issues being raised by "Clean" Line's plan.  For IL- wouldn't the power be going to a station in Indiana to go into the East Coast grid?  (This one's fun to listen to their tap-dance answer!)

What happens when the wind doesn't blow? What's on the lines then? You're going to build a $2Billion line (although that figure was questioned in Illinois Commerce Commission testimony) and not have anything on it when the wind doesn't blow? Yeah, right. Hey, what about the new coal plant in Holcomb, Kansas?

Wouldn't you also plug into regional lines carrying ALL kinds of power?

Isn't is a well-known fact in the transmission industry that new transmission enables new generation in ALL kinds of power- including coal and gas?

Since your business plan was developed before the natural gas boom, how does that change your business plan? Have you changed it? No.

How do you figure this is a company like our local power companies when 1) you are part of no comprehensive local, regional, or national plan, 2) you have a business model like Enron, and 3) you don't serve the public you want to plow through 4) and the ICC judge clearly says "Clean" Line hasn't proven NEED?

What is the estimated cost of power at delivery? "Clean" Line's own power point for RICL says $70mwh which included $25 MWh just for transmission. We're suppose to believe that GBE would be half that when it's another 200 miles longer...... at 2 million a mile? 

Why do you fail to identify the great wind power available in Lake Michigan and the Atlantic Ocean? Has you bothered to compare the cost of actually putting the generation near the consumer without a 700 mile extension cord? 

For anything a "Clean" Line rep claims:

Where is that in legally binding writing?

Is that what the contracts already handed out say? In Illinois that would be a huge NO.

Where's the study for that?  Then follow through and read it. Chances are it's more smoke and mirrors.

What are your future plans for the projects? You wouldn't be thinking of flipping them, would you?  Click here for an interesting read.

A Letter from Kansas where RICL's sister project "Grain Belt Express" is proposed to go.  "Clean" Line slipped through their application to the Kansas Corporation Commission without the landowners knowing. Sound familiar?  Click here to read the full letter.  

Kansas group C.L.E.A.N.R.  has released new press releases.

PLEASE add your name to the petition!!