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Aviation Safety Hazards


  • Fact sheet from the National Agricultural Aviation Association on the Dangerous Effects Low-Level Obstacles Pose to the Aerial Application Industry.  Click here.

  • Wind Farms and Airport Safety

"Ground-breaking research from the University of Kansas is bound to catch the attention of any city or county in Kansas looking to jump on the wind-power bandwagon. As wind farms proliferate throughout the state, it appears consideration of their proximity to airports is important beyond the obvious obstacle presented by the turbines’ height.

Researchers at KU’s School of Engineering concluded small aircraft can be affected dramatically by the turbulence produced by wind turbines."

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  • RICL would impact countless private, local, and regional airports. "Countless" because "Clean" Line reps remain vague and non-committed on exactly what they're planning, yet we know of many airports that would either be shut down or significantly impacted, which in turn has negative economic  costs to the local and regional area.  For more on the Economic Impact of General Aviation Airports, click here.