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About Block RICL


Block RICL is a network of landowners and residents across Illinois and Iowa who are committed to blocking Rock Island "Clean" Line (RICL) and other unnecessary transmission projects that are being proposed, cutting through prime farmland and across our states! There are many alternatives other than this private company's idea of how to make billions at the taxpayers' and landowners' expense.


Block RICL is a grassroots organization - not a service organization. Every person’s time and talents will be critical in blocking RICL!  We all contribute our time and talents - whether it's writing letters, making phone calls, researching needed background, providing leadership, contacting landowners in proposed paths, writing checks, or using other specialized skills - people, including relatives - from all over the country are contributing their expertise!

More than half of our members are not directly hit by a proposed path, but realize that this project represents a national trend in uncoordinated and unnecessary transmission development. Our rights as property owners are at stake. A private company using eminent domain for private gain is not acceptable.

Many of our members have independently - or in groups - joined intervenes at the Illinois Commerce Commission and are represented by attorneys experienced in arguing before the ICC. If you are interested in joining in the legal fight to block RICL from getting public utility status, please contact us for referrals.

Eventually, if RICL receives public utility status and the right of eminent domain, we’ll be forming local groups for representation by attorneys in the negotiation of easement agreements. In this case, part of the agreement can be that RICL pays attorney fees.  

In the meantime, do NOT sign anything from RICL without legal representation and being fully informed!

What's really at stake and why MUST we fight?

"For many a year we've known these fields... and know all the work that makes them yield...

Bring out from the farm, the blessings of harvest... The promise of living, the promise of growing... "

From  Aaron Copland's The Promise of Living